Princess Lily

I really love impromptu shoots.  Sometimes we can pull of the best shots with zero planning.  I looked outside my window yesterday morning and the weather was calling for a shoot. It was a little overcast with peeks of sun peering through from time to time. It was Father's Day so trying to book an impromptu session was silly. So I snagged my (mostly) willing model to go shoot. Now don't worry....I love my son too but he was napping and photographing him I need someone to help wrangle and Daddy was working on some outdoor stuff.  So this was just for Lily and mommy. Plus I spied the yellow flowers in a spot my husband didn't mow (thank goodness) and knew I had the perfect dress for Lily. My mom had purchased this beauty on Etsy for Lily's 4th bday. I was hoarding it for the perfect photo opp. I think this was it! Lily was magical. Im giving her full credit. She looked like an Angel with her goldie lock ringlets and beautiful dress. I am having a hard time narrowing down to my favorites as there are so many that I love to pieces. When you get these moments that just unfold with the perfect little details it really is magical.  How do you pick? Also for those of you interested in our annual Vintage Fields...This is EXACTLY the look/feel I intend to make happen for 2015! (if you need more information on this mini session let me know?)

Lily01 Lily02 Lily03 Lily04 Lily05 Lily06 Lily07

~Proud Mommy of this little Angel.