Secret Location + Beautiful Twins= Perfection

I found a very special spot near my home that I am in LOVE with. I was actually looking for something special for this family knowing that the look and feel their mom wanted was to "Capture their innocence."  I also knew she was dressing her little girl in a Well Dressed Wolf dress which she was able to get her hands on. If you know that company you know that the essence of their clothes, to me is about innocence. They are simple and beautiful. Ive said it before...but if you get your hands on one of their garments consider yourself lucky AND come see me :)  These two are such a pleasure to photograph. And seriously, could they be any cuter?  The fit this location so perfectly and I am thankful my husband found it (yup...he gets the credit). Thank you to Laura and David for trusting in me to capture a piece of your families memories. I am so happy you are part of the Bliss Family. Here is just a few of my favorites from their session. Just a tiny piece of sweetness.

Aerne01 Aerne02 Aerne03 Aerne04 Aerne05 Aerne52 Aerne63