Hannah- Class of 2016

Another fabulous senior session in downtown OC. I love this girl and her KILLER eyes.  I was a little worried as the day of her session it was raining and not very happy weather. That combined with her two hour drive to see me for this session had me a little nervous. And you know what? The weather was PERFECT!  We made the decision to go for it no matter what...I mean I guess we live in Oregon and it will either stop in a few minutes...or we just get wet right?  There was no need to worry the perfectly overcast day made shooting downtown a piece of cake and a million shooting possibilities. I love that Hannah's session has a bit of a funky fashion vibe. The Urban environment can really help achieve that look.  Thank you to Hannah and Kim for coming to see me. I had a blast at the session and hope you guys LOVE them! Just a small peek of the images I love: Hannah01 Hannah02 Hannah03 Hannah04 Hannah05 Hannah06 Hannah07