The Bliss Experience

I am calling it a Bliss Studio Experience because that is just what it is....An Experience. Time invested in you and creating beautiful images of your family. 

First I wanted to educate my clients on the experience with Bliss Studio. Bliss Studio is a boutique studio where I work directly with my clients to create images they will love and want to proudly display in their home. I am here to help create Art. All the products that leave my studio are custom and quality checked by me. I am as much a designer as I am a photographer and have Collages, Albums, Cards and many other products which I sprinkle my love on to make your order unique. I will work with you to design products for your walls....whether it be a single collage or a collection of images. You can provide me with a photo of what you want decorated and I will make it happen. 


First we will set up a consultation in which we will meet. (If a meeting is impossible we will set up a phone meeting so we can chat before your session). I can show you the products we have to offer and help you decide if we have a package or collection that fits your needs. If we do not have what you have in mind, we will design your own package. We will talk about clothing and any ideas you might have for your session. Thinking about what your goals are for your session images is a big step in the process. Think about where you want to hang your images. This will help make your order session go smoothly. I am here to don't be afraid to ask for it.

Once we have completed your consultation we book your session. Session fees range from $95-$195 depending on what the session requirements entail. Sessions generally take about an hour but this can vary. Kids don't last much longer than an hour, so if you have a toddler plan on no longer than an hour. I will give you an idea of how long we will need at your consultation.

After your photo session we will book an order session for you to come back to the studio and view/order your images. This typically happens 1-2 weeks after you photos have been taken. During this time, I ask that you make a list of what sizes of images you would like for friends/family or any other items that you want. Come with your notes to the sales session to give us a head start. Hopefully by then we have a goal in mind for your wall (or album). You should also bring a list of an images that you may want. This sales session is set aside just for you. It can take 1-2 hours depending on what you are ordering. I am there to help you narrow down and decide so please do not worry that you will not be able to chose. Any decision makers must be present at this viewing and we try to discourage bringing children if you can. Please do not schedule your viewing session unless everyone who needs to view images can be present. Bliss clients usually average about $800-$1000 on orders, however there is only a minimum investment of $300.00. This minimum will need to be paid at the time of your order session. Payment options are available.


Do you Sell digital Files?

We do not sell digital files for regular Bliss Sessions. If you are coming to Bliss you are coming for a finished piece of Artwork. Please take a little time to read the Bliss Experience if you haven't already. I take care you through the entire process making sure we are getting the best results from your session displayed exactly where and how you would like them. I love each and every step of this process and I believe in it. 

How can my family order photos?

If your family is unable to come to the studio for a viewing/order session and they want to be able to order photos, I will set up a time online and will work directly with them on their order. Often times clients prefer to choose and order for their family members but I am more than happy to set a time aside for family that would like to order. 



Can I share my photos on social Media?

Yes of course. I will post a sneak peek of my favorites from the session on social media. Those images are for you to share with your friends and family as well. Please do not alter or crop the images in anyway. 


Do we need to provide props for the session?

This is a tricky one. Yes and no?  It depends a bit on what we are photographing and what the goal of the session is. This information would come out of the consultation prior to shooting. If you have something that is special to your child then yes please bring it. I try to keep my images simple and timeless so I encourage families to keep that in mind when bringing items to the session.