Personal Project

From time to time I think it is important to create a photo session for myself. Landscape photographers or hobbyists have more opportunity for something like this. But since my hobby is also my profession I like to find some time where I have an idea that I want to make into a cute little session. Being a kid photographer this can also be challenging as I think kids guide their own sessions. I may have an idea but if a kid has a different one, we roll with it.  No one can make a two year old do something they don't want to right? ha.  Anyway...Since making the move to Oregon City I have been enjoying exploring my surroundings. Growing up in such a small town, Oregon City makes me feel right at home. The downtown strip is reminiscent to main street in my old hometown. So I thought that was the best place to start....going back to my roots...exploring an old town with lots of character. I snagged my daughter and her two friends and we headed to downtown OC.  I wanted the girls to be a little more "hipster" which my daughter now informs me that there were Three Stylish Hipsters for the shoot. She is hilarious. All three humored me though and totally Rocked their impromptu session.  Towards the end of the session the girls started being incredibly silly....which led me to my next adventure for the month of June. (you may have seen my posts "BE SILLY" #besillyforbliss).  Stay tuned for that post coming soon. Thanks to my three beautiful models for making my fun little idea an awesome photo session! I could not have pulled this off without these three silly girls.

_MG_2933 _MG_3197 _MG_3245 _MG_3475 _MG_3585 _MG_3625 _MG_3652

~"Hipster" mom