Baby Edda

Nothing sweeter than a brand new little baby. Especially when I get to enjoy and still get to sleep at night. Oh wait...that wasn't very nice. Don't worry I have two kids...Ive been there. I still wish babies just magically slept. It would sure make it all easier right?  Somehow we all survive and even have more kids so it must not be that bad :)  It certainly is heaven when you get to enjoy all this sweetness. Baby Edda was an angel for her session. Lots of snuggles and a little milk drunk and magic happens. Daddy is a musician and it was AWESOME to borrow a favorite guitar so he could have a shot of his two Babies! Congrats to mommy and daddy! You guys have made a miracle!

Here are just a few of my favorites.

_MG_4019 _MG_4053 _MG_4196 Edda01 Edda02