Brian & Katie

We shot this wedding in Bend, Oregon. The beautiful park setting was awesome. I was also in love with the Barns! I wanted you guys to take note of a couple things. One detail that often time gets missed is the bridal "room" where the bride is to get ready. This was one of the best rooms we have ever had with the perfect natural light streaming through and a very picked up room. It helps that the room was HUGE! But still rooms that are clean (or at least semi organized) with natural light pouring in is the best situation a photographer could ask for. Its a detail that we love to start the day off with. Another thing we love is "Golden Hour". This happens right as the sun is dropping for about 15 minutes. This is where we like to whisk our couples away for a couple final shots. You can see the light in the last image. Weddings that are held in the evening are best as we are able to take advantage of golden hour before we leave the wedding. Back to the couple.....Brian and Katie were a joy to work with! The wedding was very laid back and Dan and I had shot several couples weddings that were there (photo is below under bliss couples). Having a group of people we know at a wedding makes it more of a day with "friends". A couple of thank you's...Thanks to both Keith & Stacy and Andy & Katherine for sending Brian & Katie our way. Its always a pleasure to visit with all of you. Also thanks to Keith and Andy for your beautiful set up of the bench shot. Isnt it as perfect as you imagined? We also appreciate the entertainment as you guys "found" the oh so perfect spot! You guys rock! And of course a HUGE thank you to my wonderful bride and groom Brian and Katie. Your day was fabulous! Thank you for the honor of sharing it with you guys! See you ALL in September at Greg and Haley's wedding!