Chloe Mae

I am in LOVE! Isnt little Miss Chloe a doll? She is too perfect with that fair skin and beautiful blue eyes. She made my job easy as she sat there and looked cute and I got to lap it up! Chloe couldnt quite crawl away which was perfect for me...I didnt have to chase her around. Instead she was a perfect Angel as she sat for me and let me capture her. Chloe's mom and dad are Kent & Peggy who we shot their wedding back in 2004. The new family drove up from you Eugene to see me and I was so excited to meet their new addition! I always love it when my Bliss Couples turn into Bliss Families and they come to visit! Much fun for me! Thanks to the Falk's for making the drive up....I enjoyed seeing you guys again and am so excited with Chloe's photos. Enjoy your sneak peak and I will see you guys this weekend for your viewing!