Puerto Vallarta!

I am in Mexico!  Some of you may have seen my newsletter that said I would be shooting an awesome wedding in Cabo?  Well....I am crazy...The wedding is NOT in Cabo nor are we.  We are in beautiful Puerto Vallarta! When we landed though the fight attendant said welcome to Cabo! I was cracking up....I must be in Cabo?  Dan and I flew here yesterday and had a small layover in L.A.  As we were waiting for the flight to PV we ran into our Bride and Groom!  Josh and Ciara were flying from Reno but somehow we managed to book the same exact flight AND the same exit row!  It was great! I have a couple photos that I will post soon.... Please know that I have NO phone service while I am here until next monday.  If you need anything please email me. I will be checking emails when I can. Will keep everyone posted on our fabulous vacation!


Here is a couple shots from the airport of Ciara & Josh...