Leader Board for Cutest Kid Contest...

The Cutest kid contest has updated their site so we can now see the Leaders of the whole contest on the top of the website at www.sandypucvotes.com. Ella Davison...one of my "Bliss Kids" is currently on the leader board. The best part of this update is you can see all of the Portland leaders in the Portland section. When you click on Portland it will ask you if you want to see the "View Votes" or "View Gallery".  If you view the votes here is what we get as of a few minutes ago...

Place Model
1st Ella Davison
2nd Ethan Apostol
3rd Gavin Kelley
4th Whitney Malmberg
5th Demi Reynolds
6th Jackson Travnicek
7th Grace Travnicek
8th Erin Godwin
9th Mitchell Godwin


1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th are ALL BLISS KIDS! Woo hoo! Keep it up....I know I have more Bliss Kids that need some votes! Let's dominate the Leader Board!