Family Pics

I LOVE having property to photograph on. Especially when an amazing family wants to bring HORSES to their shoot! Yup thats right. I might have even squealed a bit. I was both excited to photograph with horses and just excited that we can easily get away with doing something like this. And the best part? We didn't have to clean up any horse poop. Ha! Totally teasing...but really the horses were beautiful and on their best behavior for their family session.  This session was super awesome. It was a complete surprise for a fathers day gift. Normally I would think what dad would want that for a gift? But this was seriously perfect for him. He doesn't really have photos of him and his kids and they are all growing up and moving into adulthood. It was a perfect opportunity to celebrate. Dad even had a smile the entire session and each of these guys made this morning very enjoyable for me. It always feels good to be able to capture a special moment or time for people. I am honored I could be a part of this. And of course....Thanks to the entire family for coming to hang out with me :) AND for bringing horses! You guys ROCK. Im looking forward to working on your order this evening! Here are a couple of my favorites: (Glamping scene was still set up from the day before's mini I took advantage. I mean its not everyday you have an airstream as a prop right?)

Fam01 Fam02 Fam03 Fam04 Fam05