Glamping Mini

Im feeling so behind but I really wanted to post some of my summer sessions on the blog. Not everyone is on our Facebook or had a chance to see the fun images.  These are from our Limited Edition "Glamping" mini sessions that we had. I can not believe how awesome this event was. I rented an Airstream Trailer and with the help of a great friend we towed it to my property and planted it in my favorite shooting spot.  With the help of another great friend we decorated the scene to make it perfect. I love having one of these crazy sessions each year. Its fun to be creative and to get photos that we would not normally get. I mean how many times can we set up this amazing scene?  Thank you to all involved that helped make this event a huge success. And thank you to all the kids that came to be photographed! I LOVED every minute! Here are just a few of my favorites from this event.  

This first photo was actually just a pre-shoot test. But I don't think it could be anymore "Glamping" than this. I LOVE it!



Glamp01 Glamp02 Glamp03 Glamp04 Glamp05 Glamp06 Glamp08 Glamp11 Glamp12 Glamp13 Glamp14