Relationship Mini Sessions

Its time I play a little catch up on the blog. Some new stuff some old. I miss my little mini journal as Facebook and other social media seems to take priority. Sometimes though its nice to be able to write a little more and make a special post about what is going on at Bliss. Its also nice for those who are not on Facebook or (like me) miss posts.  When things are busy and crazy, my Bliss blog and my personal blog ( seem to get tossed aside. I wish that was not the case but unfortunately its what happens. So I have a bunch of posts I want to share and get myself feeling a little more caught up. I hope there are a few of you who have stayed with me and look forward to reading a few posts! First up:

For the month of May I offered "Relationship Mini Sessions".  I personally was very excited for these. I really wanted to capture those perfect little moments between a parent and a child that often times get missed. Sometimes its because we don't realize how important those little moments are. Or sometimes its because we don't think they are picture worthy. As a mom myself...I really wanted to capture myself in real life with my two kids. Something that wasn't the perfect "posed" shot but was more about the moment and who we are right now.  So I had my husband, Dan snag a shot of the three of us. We were just hanging out at home and honestly did not even "plan" this out. I grabbed a quilt I had made and wrapped it around us and we played. This is what my husband got...


It may not be the perfect photo but to me its just as we are....Hair a mess, no makeup, no coordinating outfits....Just a quick moment. Even with my son trying to ram into us. He's silly and it makes me smile. After getting a few shots of my kids and I, it led me to creating the Relationship Mini Sessions.  I wanted to make one post sharing some of the photos that I love so much. Each session was special and really told a story of the families lives.

Here are the highlights:

_MG_1136 _MG_1211 _MG_1278

Henry01 Henry02 Henry03 Henry04 Jackson01 Jackson02 Jackson03 Jackson04 Krause01 Krause02 Krause03 Krause04Miller02


Just remember the small things are often the big things. Take a moment and capture it. If  you are interested in a Relationship Session or even just adding a moment within your regular Bliss session be sure to let me know.