Designing Wall Collages

I have many clients who have purchased our beautiful Mini Canvas Collage (its on display on one of our studio walls). Its a fun little cluster of canvases that holds 7 images. I have a very special client who purchased this a few years ago and has limited wall space in her home. So rather than trying to figure out where she could hang prints from the new session she decided why not just add to her cluster she already has. Well, I was up for the challenge for rearranging to make a new design for her wall.  We did what we could via the computer but Im much more of a lay it out on the floor and see it in person kinda gal. So we did the best we could....and I went to her home with the new canvases we were going to add. We created the look we wanted on the floor first and then hung it on the wall. It was a blast! I really love the idea of adding to the clusters. With this one...the first session is all in BW and the 2nd session is all color. Such a great story in this. IMG_4551


Thanks to Tam and her family for not only letting me be a part of capturing your family but also allowing me to help design art for your walls! LOVE this little cluster and LOVE that we were able to add another session and make it look AWESOME!