Did you know that we offer boudoir sessions at Bliss? Its a bit of a taboo area I know...So we try not to blast it all over our website and blog. I like to keep it tasteful and proper as best as I can. Its that time of year though when people start thinking about getting something special for their loved one for Valentines Day. Plus its a good time of year to use the indoor studio since the weather is not the best. Boudoir photography is a lot of fun. I have had many clients who were nervous about having a session but in the end had a great time and left with beautiful images. If you are interested in a session please pop me an email or give me a call and we can chat. We have special packages just for these sessions. And if you have a few friends who want to join...we can make it a pin up party! Im happy to share more information if you need it.

Last year (whoa...okay it was only just last november. Crazy that it is 2015...and "next" year) I had the pleasure of teaching a boudoir workshop for some fellow photographers. The event was held at the Kennedy School.  I take a different approach to boudoir photos by not using strobes (lights with a flash). I find that using strobes can be very intimating for my model. So instead I like to use my lights to make a more comforting atmosphere. This type of lighting can also create great contrast to give my images a little different look.

I wanted to share a couple photos from the event I taught with my beautiful model, Sophia. I used some natural light too that was streaming through the very large windows.  Please note that this session was shot at a hotel with vintage decor. It was a blast and totally possible if you want to book a hotel room :) However typically I have sessions at my studio. It all depends on what you are hoping for in the end. Also something to consider.....When people think boudoir they tend to think "naked" shots. You guys...Its not all about that. Its about capturing your beauty and for me to help you feel beautiful. This can be accomplished in many different ways. Its a celebration of you.  Sophia brought adorable props and outfits that really embraced the vintage feel of our location and what we were hoping for. We shot a range of "looks" and each and everyone one was capturing her beauty.

_MG_8060 _MG_8069





Again if you are interested in some boudoir photos let me know!