Displaying your Bliss Art

I always LOVE showing clients finished pieces hanging in their home. Not only is it rewarding for me to see but it also can give other clients ideas of what or how to display their photos. Or even an idea of what to order in the future. I love our Bloom Collection of frames and proudly hang them all over in my house too.  So today I thought I would share a display in my own home for you guys. Its both a fun share and also an idea. Do you ever wonder where the heck the appropriate place to display those little naked bun (baby) shots? Well how about the bathroom?  Seems like the perfect spot right? This is my newly remodeled (Ill post a remodel post on my personal blog www.babyharlacher.com soon) bathroom with a shot of each of my kids at 6 months. I also added a floral print too. Here is a couple of pics: (iPhone pics....bear with me)

IMG_3993 IMG_3992 IMG_3994

Another thought for bathrooms (especially for a master bathroom) is boudoir photos. This is a tricky area that people have a hard time hanging a larger print from. Bedrooms can work as well as walk in closets if you have wall space in it. But a master bath can work great. Anyone else hang anything in their bathrooms? I think I have a few clients who may have hung the cute little ornaments in theirs? I would love to share some more fun Bliss displays. Send me pics! Or share in the comments your creative ideas!