Colton's One Year Session

This last month I traveled to Reno to photograph a couple families. One of which is the Pegoda Family. We are working on a baby album for Mr. Colton and needed the final session. Ciara found this FABULOUS barn that said No Trespassing. Hmph. Well. That does not work for me.  There was a house right by it. So I had to ask permission (I usually just shoot and beg for forgiveness...shhh).  I think the guy thought we were nuts? Why on earth would we think this falling down barn was an awesome spot for family pics? Well Im hard to say no too and I dropped all the compliments and smiles I could. Done. The  light was great. The scene was great! The family...ADORABLE. Id say it all came together just as it should.  Thanks as always to the Pegoda's for letting me be a part of your lives and letting me capture pieces of it. Im always so excited to see what we get and to see how big those boys are. And...Im still holding out for a #3??? I can hope right? ha ha.  Anyway...You guys Rock. Here are just a couple of my favorites!