National Mini Cooper Day!

Okay I am kidding...It is not National Mini Cooper Day...But it is Whitney's Mini Cooper Day!  YEAH!!!  Dan and I are picking up the cooper at noon today.  I am so excited I can hardly stand it!  I will post photos soon.... Wish me luck....




I am now the proud owner of my very first BRAND NEW CAR! I only had to wait 29 years....Well...I guess I wasnt able to drive for all of those years. I was so excited at the dealership....Just like a kid in a candy store. I asked our salesman "Dan" if I was the only crazy person and he said not even close. So I guess that is a good thing!  Mini's are full of fun little gadgets. I had to have a lesson on how to start and turn off my car. It has the coolest key (its not even really a key).  My mini is sitting in my driveway and I can hardly believe it. For those of you just tuning in and think I am nuts....This is actually a pretty big deal. I have wanted a mini for just over three years and we were finally able to make it happen (thanks wonderful husband!). Here is just a couple quick photos from our day.  It of course is a beautiful fall day and made the experience that much better.

As we get to the garage to see our first peak.....A sign is posted on the windshield...

Woo hoo! That's me....New Owner...Dont touch MY car! ha ha!


First LOOK:

Now give me my KEY! Dan and I after I have my new key in hand. Just a quick thanks to Dan at Rasmussen Mini who was WONDERFUL through this experience and put up with me!

There are only 9 miles on the car! ahhh! I was so nervous to drive it out of the garage!

Could the speedometer be any bigger?  I think its a hint...


My BlissWhitney Harlacher