Baby Azrael

What an absolute doll! Little Azrael was perfect. I have had a lot of little baby boys recently for some reason so I was super excited to meet Azrael and photograph a little girl.  Her mommy came in for a consult when she was pregnant so she had some great ideas for her newborn photos. She wanted to incorporate some of her heritage into the photos. Im always up for something new and love what we captured. This little girl is truly a miracle to her parents and watching the love they share for her was amazing. I love the photo of the three of them. Its simple. But it really shows just how they feel. Thank you to the family for coming in with your 6 day old baby! It always takes a brave momma to venture out. You guys are wonderful parents and it warms my heart! Enjoy your new little one AND your sneak peek! Hugs from me!