Pegoda Family +1

Soon to be welcoming baby boy #2 the Pegoda Family are always a JOY to photograph.  Love. Laughter and those special moments that just make me happy.  While I was in Reno last week I not only met my new niece I was able to enjoy some time with the Pegodas and document Pegoda2 (no name he will be Pegoda2 for now! ha).  We went up towards tahoe to Gallena Creek Park to chase some beautiful light and enjoy the cooler air. IT WAS HOT!  Ciara let me know the later we shot the more of a "hot mess" she was going to be.  Yes being prego is very glamorous.  But for photos the later light the better so....we made it work.  We did take a trip down memory lane and remember that the maternity session with Pegoda1 (little Cavin) we were FREEZING! And I mean teeth chattering, jumping up and down trying to pretend it wasnt cold freezing.  So we went from shaking to sweating. The things we do to get good photos right? Its always worth it in the end. Or at least I think so!  Here is a few favorites from the fabulous session and keep an eye out as we follow Pegoda2's first year!  Thanks to Ciara, Josh and of course my little Cavin for a wonderful shoot! Love you guys as always! See you VERY soon!