David Jay :)

This past Friday/Saturday Dan and I spent with David Jay who is the owner of ShowIt Sites (a great company that has software you can make your own custom websites with). He flew in from Santa Barbara to chat with onOne and to visit with us. We hooked him up with our "Bed and Breakfast". Well maybe bed and coffee? We actually have a little mini sign in our spare room that says Bed & Breakfast $2.00 per night. I know its silly....but we always have house guests so we thought it was funny. DJ however was the first to contribute! He left money and a tip! I was cracking up as we did not realize it until the day after he left! Thanks DJ! Was not necessary but it was awesome! We also spent some time with another local photographer Kevin Meyers. Kevin and DJ are old friends so we all met up and spent a little time in Kevin's awesome space in the Pearl District. Dan was in love with the old camera he had on display and we were taking turns playing with it. He had to remember how to load film...it was great. Thanks to both DJ and Kevin for hanging out! DJ....You are welcome here anytime! Hugs!