New Year...New Project!

My good friend and fellow photographer Dave Hutt and I are going to be posting fun little photo projects this year to keep us on our toes.  You may have seen our "red" post awhile back. If not you can check it out HERE.  This month Dave has chosen the theme "Soft". This is pretty vague and can be open to interpretation. I know there was a few of you who were interested in playing along so please email if you have anything you want to submit as we will both be posting photos along the way.  At the end of the month (or so) Dave and I will each select our favorite image and put it up to see who ummm....Wins?  Well the loser just gets to buy coffee so not too bad.  If you want to take a peek at Dave's blog you can go to He should be posting about the little project any day now.  So now its time to come up with some ideas! Stay tuned for my images soon...


My BlissWhitney Harlacher