Studio Pics...

I know that I keep saying I will post photos of our new studio but I was still in the process of decorating it. I guess it will always be a work in progress but now we are getting closer. Dan and I just wrapped up the front room decor a couple days ago which is really want I wanted to finish. It also helps that we are speaking at PPO this weekend and I needed some photos of our studio to share. And for those of you who I havent told yet...Our studio open house is Oct. 4, 2008 from 4 pm-7pm. Mark your calendars and come celebrate with us. Open House is for both my clients and fellow photographers (and yes my family and friends). I hope to see a bunch of you stop by for a hug and some wine!

The first two images are of our front room. The third of course is our shooting space which is just as big as our last studio. The big roll up door to the left of the photo faces north and provides some beautiful natural light for me to use. The last photo is our new sales room. We are also blessed with a little storage room and A BATHROOM! I was excited about that as our last space we had a public bathroom. I know many of you have had a chance to see the space over the summer. But for those of you who havent...enjoy the photos and hopefully I will see you at our open house!

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