5 Days Of Christmas FINAL Giveaway!

Many of you have been following the facebook 5 days of Christmas and now its the final day! For the 5th Day of Christmas Bliss will be giving a FREE Session WITH a 16inch Gallery Wrap for 2012!  This is a value of  $500!  The best prize of the week!  But instead of the first person to email me...I am going to have this be a random drawing (using random.org to select the winner). You have until midnight tonight to post a comment on this post. I will post the winner tomorrow (Saturday).  Anyone is welcome to enter (including those who have already won a prize this week). The only requirements is ONE-You must post a comment on this blog post.  TWO- "LIKE this Post" And THREE-You must be a "Friend" on facebook of Whitney At Bliss!  So send me a friend request if you are not already friends with me! Just search the name Whitney At Bliss and you should find me. Good Luck everyone! I am super excited for this giveaway and cant wait to make ART for the winners wall! Make sure you leave an actual comment on this blog post. When you hit the "like" button it will ask you if you want to leave a comment. That is JUST for facebook!

Happy Holidays and GOOD LUCK!