I know many of you enjoy seeing the before/afters I have been posting so I thought I would keep up with this and give you guys a little peek from time to time.  For me photos are not always "finished" straight out of the camera.  But dont misunderstand...I dont spend hours on every image "fixing" or "changing" it. I for the most part do my best to get the shot I intend first. Then maybe just give it a little extra Bliss Love.  I am not a fan of over done or over retouched images. Not really my style. The image here is a little different for me. Its definitely NOT perfect out of the camera but I had a plan for it as soon as I snagged the shot.  We had less than ideal weather for this session as it started snowing like crazy and to save my poor models hair and clothes we were hiding under covered areas. I LOVED the fashionable clothes she brought and they fit the snowy feel just perfectly.  I will have a real sneak peek from this fabulous session up soon but I wanted to show you this image that I LOVE first. Here is the BEFORE:

Not great but the bones are there. I loved the creamy wall so she would pop off of it. I did not love the door hinge (but I only had so much "wall" to work with) and I really thought it needed a texture to soften it up a bit.  Here is the after with just a few minutes of PS work.

Now that is the shot I was hoping for!

After playing a little more today...I got one more that I think is EVEN better than the above one. Same look just different outcome...



Hope you like the before/afters! I am ready for some more fashion shoots!

My BlissWhitney Harlacher