Seeing Red

Do you remember the post of The DW Projects? If not you can click HERE and you can read about it.  In a nutshell...I'm having a war with my friend/studio partner Dave :)  Always fun right?  This month our war is Seeing Red.  We needed to capture whatever we wanted that said RED.  And the LOSER (not winner....Did you catch that Dave? LOL) Has to buy coffee.  How do we select the winner? Hmmm....I think you guys should vote by leaving a comment with your choice!  Dave posted on his blog if you want to see his pics.  I am only going to post ONE shot as I think this is just perfect. I wanted to try and photograph something without a person. Well I "half" did it?  Its half a person right?  Might be cheating.  But still...I think for my first entry into our fun little game using my daughter, Lily seemed the most fitting. Here is my official shot...

Love it?  Well I do and that is the most important part.  If you can take a peek over on Dave's Blog and VOTE who you should think wins (ahem...ME! LOL) That would be awesome.  We will announce our next project soon!