Lily + Landon

Cousins!!!  I did not have an idea how hard getting a photo of my little girl and her cousin Landon was actually going to be. I mean I do this everyday right? I have had everything from the most cooperative angel to the terrible twos and I STILL am able to pull off what I need.  But when its your own kid I guess the rules change. This is the face I get when I try to photograph my daughter:

Isnt she just darling?  And if you ask me where she gets that attitude from  I WILL HURT YOU :)  ha ha.

While in Reno the last time we attempted the get a shot of the two kids. Well...I got one...Okay sorta two...But I think we may try for a round two the next time the family gets together.  By then I can work on bribing the kids with "treats"! Lily wasnt quite ready for the bribing when these were taken.  I included a couple of just Lily too...but we will be taking her 6 month photos at the end of the month so we will have more soon.  For those of you that dont know or dont already follow you can watch Lily grow on her baby blog :)