Miss Me?

I was rocking out the posts and almost getting one in every day. Then I seemed to disappear? Well...I became a temporary single mom and free time/work time/anything but Lily time was non existent. Dan was out of town at a photo show and I was (well we were) so thankful to have Daddy home after 4 days of single parenting. I think Lily was tired of Me :) But I am back to normal (or almost...as normal as I get anyway). I have a sneak peek of a senior I will post in the next day or so but while working on her images I had a before/after in a little different "light". So far my posts have been more about the locations and what I can get out of them. This time I have a photo with the before/after. I think that finishing images is just as important as shooting and getting a good shot. This to me also helps set pro photographers apart or at least it can. I also like to keep in mind that just because you CAN do something in PhotoShop does not always mean you should. Sometimes simple is just better. I dont like to get too carried away with Photoshop effects as that is not really my style. I do still like to keep my photos "Real" but just finish them up a bit. There are also a lot of times that I will know what it is I need to "finish" my shot as I am taking the actual photograph. This is a perfect example of that. I have this location that we found with this super Ugly, broke down, beat up but PERFECT Bus. I wanted a more Vintage look even though the original is pretty much there. Here is the original image with NO photoshop work... Not too bad....But I wanted it to pop just a little more and have a little more warmth to it. Here is the Finished Image:

I really did not do much to this image...Only a minute or two of PS work. I added a vintage tint to it, a little vignette and a texture that I shot while we were out on her session (I found a really cool wall that I could not resist). I think that the little finishing touches I add to my images really define my style and who I am. Plus its FUN!

More soon...


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