Part 3: Before/Afters

I am getting a lot of positive feedback on these posts so I am going to keep them coming!  I just need to remember to photograph before photos :) All of the posts so far (including this one) are areas at or around my studio.  This next spot is actually across the street in another business park area.  The only reason we found it is that Dan and I ventured out one day to find areas I could use outdoors that were not to far from the studio.  This spot is so random and I am surprised we were able to find it.  And now....its one of my favorite spots to go!  The first area has this awesome log that has fallen over. It takes a little hop/help to get on it but it makes for a beautiful textured surface to use.  Here is what the before shots look like:

You can see the log on the right of the first shot. I took a wider shot so you can see its literally on the side of a parking lot. The second shot is what I see if I do a 180.  This area is just behind these buildings.  I grabbed two recent shots from this location and they just happen to both maternity shots...Getting a prego girl to climb up on the log was awesome! I love my brave clients! And one shot is of me :)  Thanks to the hubby for the beautiful shot and composition. Oh and for making me look "skinny" Ha ha!

The next spot is just a little jaunt from the log. We just kept wondering around the backsides of the parking lot till we found this area.  As you will see from the befores...its an "okay" spot. Still not the spot I would seek out but I knew that I could make it work perfectly.  I love the way the sun comes through the trees in this area. Its still right on the edge of a parking lot...but that is good in a way. We park close and can make quick changes in the car if needed (and no need to drag my gear very far! love it!).

Here are the befores...

I grabbed a bunch of images from this spot that are from more recent sessions. A few from the same session but I still love them so I thought I would share.

And this last one was just snagged in the middle of the parking lot:

Pretty Cool huh?  I will work on some more for you guys if you are still enjoying reading :)


My BlissWhitney Harlacher