Final Day of Blog War!

We made it! This the last day of the blog war. I want to thank everyone who has been keeping up with me this month and I hope you will continue to check the blog for the latest new and exciting news at Bliss. In honor of today I would like to give you guys one more chance to enter for the grand prize drawing. I know I have only "missed" a couple times this month so it seems only fair to still give you an extra chance to enter. So you have until midnight today to email me BLOG WAR in the subject line and I will get you in the drawing. Dont forget photographers must let me know you are a photographer as you are in a separate drawing for software. If you are just tuning in please see my May 1st Blog Post for details...Titled BLOG WAR!

I will announce winners Monday....Tomorrow I will be busy with my big news that I will be sharing very soon! Also I have had enough entries that I am going to be giving away a few more prizes! Hope to see some more entries today! Good Luck!