Jordan & Jennifer's Wedding in Reno

What a beautiful wedding. I "might" be this also happens to be the wedding of my little brother! I not only took photos at the wedding but I pulled double duty as I was a bridesmaid. I couldn't have been more excited. I mean when do I get to actually be IN a wedding. I am ALWAYS the photographer!  Lucky for me Dan had the job title of photographer but I did get to photograph most of the formals of Jordan & Jennifer. I wasnt going to let that one go. Nope. Sorry....its my FAVORITE part. top it off...I got to photograph them in SWEATS! read that right...SWEATS!  I was super cozy and so happy to have flip flops and cozy clothes on rather than wedding attire. I wasn't wearing them to be a brat...I promise. I had to change into my dress once we were ready for the bridal party photos and then look dazzling the rest of the wedding. I LOVE my brother and Jenn for letting me get away with this...YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!  Okay enough about me...Jordan & Jenn were married up at Tahoe. It was a beautiful September day and the weather made us proud. We started their day by some funky formals in downtown Reno before we headed up to the mountain. I LOVE urban wedding photos and I dont always get the opportunity.  Along our walk we stumbled upon an amazing bike. I batted my eyes and asked if we could borrow it for a couple shots.....The man was so awesome to let us steal the bike for 15 minutes! The fun part of the my little brother proposed to Jennifer on a BIKE! So it couldn't have been more fitting. I could probably write a book about this wedding but there is a chance you may not have read all I have written here anyway. So let's get to the good stuff and share some of my favorites from their wedding. To Jordan & Jennifer...I LOVE YOU GUYS! May you have years of happy marriage and make lots of babies so I can be an Aunt! Thank you for letting Dan and I be such a part of your special day! Hugs!