FocalPoint Samples

I know I have posted a little about FocalPoint as this is one of the prizes for catching me "miss" a post. This is for photographers so if you are a client bear with me here :) I had a chance to play a bit with it and am loving it. Here is two before and afters that I did in just a couple of minutes. The results are awesome! With a lens babie (which I admit I am not able to use very well) it would have took me many times to get the focus point perfect and I still would not have got the affects I have here. FocalPoint also allows for you to vignette your image which I really like. I am going to spend some more time playing but I encourage you guys to download a demo from onOne's website and see what you think. If you have any before/afters send them my way If I get any I LOVE I will post them on my blog and you will receive a $5.00 starbucks or $5.00 itunes gift card for your efforts! Take a bit to do this! Its worth it.