Multnomah Days!

The event was a SUCCESS!  I was so excited to see 8 Bliss Kids walking in the parade.  I was like a proud parent! They all looked adorable and did such a good job pulling their wagons.  I waited at my booth for them to go by and then jumped in and walked the final jaunt.  I can not thank my parade crew enough for helping make it happen (thank you Jamie, Josh, Ali).  And I thank all my parents and kids who walked in the parade (Waddle Family, Christensen Family, Miller Family, Plummer Family, Smith Family, Burnes Family, Johnson Family).  You guys were awesome for braving the crowds and the hills. And finally we must thank my Mom, Teri who flew in from Reno to help and my wonderful hubby Dan for helping make our booth Fabulous!  Oh wait did I forget Jonny?  He helped with tear down...Thanks Jonny!  Okay I feel like I just stood up and gave a thank the world speech with a few tears! ha ha!  Hopefully I didnt leave anyone out. If I did...I promise I love ya!  Now enough rambling.....We had a blast at the event and snagged just a couple shots of my kids walking in the parade as well as our booth!  Hope to do it again next year!

My BlissWhitney Harlacher