Meet my good friend Lisa....who is Now My rival! Lisa and I have challenged each other to a blog war! This means a month of FUN for everyone....Lisa and I have a few prizes of our own on the line but I also want to give EVERYONE a chance to win some awesome prizes this month. This is for all my clients and any potential clients as well as any of my fellow photographers (and blog stalkers).

Contest Rules:

For the entire month of May I am to post EVERYDAY! If I miss a day you have to email me and I will enter you in a drawing for a Grand Prize to be chosen on June 1st. You must email me ( by midnight the day after I miss a post. You are allowed one entry per miss so keep a close eye on me as the month goes on. IF you are a photographer please let me know when you email me as your entry goes in a separate drawing. Be sure to put BLOG WAR in the subject line when you email.

Now on to the good stuff....



I will be giving away at least one $250.00 gift certificate and depending on the number of entries I get I may give away more!


I will be giving away at least one copy of onOne Software's new Focal Point. Focal point is a brand new plugin for photoshop being released that is awesome! I will post more on that later in the month. Value $160.00.

Random acts of kindess.....During the month I will select random winners for Starbucks gift cards. To participate all you need to do is leave comments...Yes comments on my blog :) Very easy. This is part of my war with Lisa..hint help me out! I will reward you for your efforts. Be sure to sign your name with your comment so I know who you are. All winners will be announced on the blog.

That is it! The War has begun.....Thanks to everyone who participates!

*A quick THANK YOU to Brianna Graham for taking the photos of Lisa and I!