It's Raining Cats and Dogs at Bliss!

We are excited to announce our first annual Pet Promotion! If you have been following the blog you may have seen a few pets being posted recently.  I hope you were getting excited about bringing in your pet!  We have teamed up with Pixie Project ( to create an event to benefit their adoption shelter. 50% of all proceeds will be donated to Pixie Project!  Please take a minute to visit their site and see what they are all about.  They recently celebrated their 1000th adoption! Event Details:

This is a Studio Mini Session for your Pet! Please Note...This is for your Pet ONLY.  We want to give them their moment in the spotlight. If you want you or your family in the photo you will need to book a regular Bliss Session.

April 17th & 18th at Bliss Studio

Call or email to book your session!

503-289-1133 541-517-4231

Sessions are Limited!

Session Fee will be$40.00 (which will be donated completely to Pixie Project and allows them to be able to have a pet spayed or neutered) OR you can bring Food/Blankets to donate to the shelter. I will include a list of appropriate items below. We will have special pricing and packages for this special event and will not only be donating the session free or items you bring in but also 50% of all proceeds. Pet Packages will start at $79.00 which will include a 5x7 duet folio that will have two 5x7 photos in it.  Please call or email for more information if needed.

List of items needed for Pixie Project:

Brands of food we accept: Canidae/Felidae, Innova, California Natural, Wellness, First Mate, Natural Balance, Castor & Pollux, Solid Gold, Nutro, Eukanuba High quality dog food (wet) High quality cat food (wet) High quality HYPOALLERGENIC dog food (dry)

There is currently a need for blankets, sheets, comforters if you can also bring in those. The food most needed is the Hypoallergenic food such as Duck & Potato or Fish & Potato.

Food can be purchased at most pet stores however if you wish to "double" donate...Pixie Project also has a non-profit store where you can purchase food to donate. If you chose to do this please let them know you are donating for your Bliss Studio Photo Session and they will provide you with a receipt for me.

To get a complimentary pet session you must donate at least one bag of food AND a blanket/sheet that is needed or you can pay the $40.00 which I will be giving directly to Pixie Project.