Album Templates for Photographers

I always swore I would never sell templates...but with a little poking and prodding...I was convinced! I am not doing it on my own though...Instead I have teamed up with my fabulous lab White House Custom Color.  They sell templates from a handful of designers that range from press printed cards all the way to albums.  I will be working on more but for now my first album is now up and ready to be purchased!  Its a wedding album template.  My template is a little different as it is based mostly on images. There is not a lot of extra fluff other than some quotes and a couple adornments.  I tried to keep it a classic wedding album that will still maintain style as the years pass. Keep your eye out for more Wedding and Boudoir templates by Bliss Studio!  Here is how to view/purchase the album... CLICK HERE

The website to see all of their templates:

Here is a quick photo I borrowed from their website (thanks WHCC)