SPA Event

A few posts back I had you guys guess where in the world I was. Well I wish I was as far away as some of the guesses I got...but I was much closer to home in Tucson, Az. Dan and I were attending a convention called SPA. I know that sounds glamorous but we were working and learning. The SPA stands for Senior Portrait Artists. It was a photo convention geared towards shooting seniors. This is an area we are hoping to expand over the next year so we felt this was the perfect opportunity to get excited and get some new ideas. One part of the convention is getting to shoot wish some senior models that were brought from winning studios. These photos are just a couple I happened to catch. The models were great and handled the million and one crazy photographers that had cameras in their face. I am hoping I might be able to get one of my seniors from 2009 entered to be a model. Its great experience and would be a blast to have my client there. Will give more details this summer (this is only for seniors for 09).