Baby Beanies on Etsy

I have started another adventure! I was wanting new props (hats) for the studio to use for my baby sessions. I bought a few Knitted hats on Etsy (you guys saw all the fun baby session with the Elf hats) and decided after that I wanted more. Well, a good friend of mine, Samantha and I got a wild hair and decided to try making our own hats. I have no idea how to Knit but I sorta remembered crocheting when I was a kid. After a few tries and help from Sam we started making baby beanies!  Now we have a shop called "Stickes & Fuzzies" and are selling these hats on Etsy.  No two hats are the same and please check back as we are uploading new hats all the time. To visit our shop go to

If you are looking for something custom feel free to contact me directly. And if you are local you can avoid shipping charges if you want to pick up your hat(s).  You can also email me if you want to come to the studio and peek at the hats we have. A lot of them look even better in person. Every blog post needs a couple photos...So here is a few of our favorite hats we have for sale!

My BlissWhitney Harlacher