Po-dunk Arizona

As some of you already know...I had a trip to Arizona this month that was a bit unexpected and frankly...Sucked! Sorry...but its true. But instead of focusing on the bad things my good friend Genny and I decided to make the best of it and have a bit of a photo hunt. As we made our way back into the valley from Globe, Arizona (I said Podunk didnt I?) we made a few stops in...Miami (I think? And no NOT Miami, Florida). It was a sad little town but full of potential photographs. Odd that we look for old broken down things to take photos of but hey...whatever works. My challenge for myself was "Old Doorways". I shot a few other things as well. But that was my main goal. There were tons of old doors that were awesome. Every time we would spot something cool we would pull over (or make a uturn) and jump out excited to shoot. Its amazing the "high" you get when you are on a mission for photos. It certainly helped make the trip fun and something to remember. If you are a facebook friend you may have seen these but I wanted to make sure and post them (along with the story about them) on my blog for my loyal blog stalkers. I know its not portraits of people but its still fun and shows something else I have done! Enjoy!

My BlissWhitney Harlacher