Locks of Love Event

Was a Success!  I want to thank everyone who participated. I am so happy to be sending off a box full of hair! I hope everyone is excited about their "new" look!  Thanks also to Leslie (from Divine by Design Salon) for co-hosting this event with me and for giving me A ROCKING HAIR DO! I know many of you may have already seen these images on facebook but I know there are those who do not follow facebook but check the blog (if you want to add me as a friend search whitney@blissstudio.net) Leslie and I are going to make this an annual event so if you were not able to participate this time...Start growing that hair this next year and you can join us next August!  It is a wonderful cause and I know there were a few of you who wanted to donate but did not have enough hair.  Here is a few images of the event which was held at Divine By Design Salon in Springfield, Oregon. Plus a few before and after shots of a couple people and the grand finale...My Before/After shot. For those of you who didnt know...I have not had short hair in over 12 years so I was a little nervous. I gave Leslie permission to do whatever she wanted and she rocked it.  She designed a hair style that couldnt be more me.  I will admit I am still getting used to it...but its fun and funky!  If I had Leslie live in my house so every morning she could fix my hair....that would be AWESOME!  Instead I have to figure out how to "fix" my hair. It should be interesting. We had a cake made at PC with the Locks of Love logo on it.

A couple of people getting their hair cut by Leslie.

Kylee's Before Photo

Kylee's After Photo

Hannah's Before Photo

Hannah's After Photo

Jenny's Before Photo

Jenny's After Photo

Leslie's Before Photo (taken with her phone...sorry I couldnt be there to take the before photo Leslie!)

Hopefully I made up for it with your after photo(s)

Leslie-Dont hate me for posting this photo :)

And now for me...Here is my before.

And for my after........... "straight"

Or Curly?

Did you recognize me? Here is one more. (Thanks Connie and Leslie for taking these photos of me!)

And finally a quick shot of Leslie and I.

My BlissWhitney Harlacher