Photo Safari...

Its not very often we get out to photograph for a day just for ourselves.  We are usually too busy and just don't have a free day.  But just a couple of weeks ago we found ourselves with a free Sunday and decided to go out on a photo safari and see what we could get.  Dan and I took our good friend Jonny with us who brought along an old Polaroid Camera that I was in love with.  The effect that the Polaroid captured was what we all try to accomplish in photoshop. It had a very vintage feel to each image. I stole all the Polaroids from Jonny (Thanks Jonny!) and have them up in my office for inspiration!  In the images below you will see a shot of Jonny and his camera as well as a shot of the camera with an image it took. For our Photo Safari we drove out 99W and just pulled over when we felt inspired. Our favorite spot was this old mill in Newberg, OR.  We also stopped at a few Vineyards along the way...We couldn't resist!  All in all it was a beautiful, fun day and I hope we can have another adventure soon!  Here is just a few of the images I shot along the way! Hope you enjoy... Awesome Polaroid Camera with an image Jonny shot...

Jonny and his camera :)

Dan and Jonny chilling...

Same spot without the boys...Love the light!

My toes :)

No Trespassing...OOPS!

"Unclaimed Wishes"

My hubby claims I "stole" this shot from him according to his facebook post...Hmmm....I can't help it if we both see the same shot!  I did not know he shot this until we got back home and compared images. Dont tell him...but Mine is better! ha ha

I braved the zillion bees buzzing around for this shot...(have I told you that I am afraid of bees?)