Happy Birthday Jess!!!

Today is my good friend Jessica's 30th Birthday!  How exciting!  We are heading to the coast today to celebrate. She rented an awesome house and there will be 14 of us wishing her a wonderful birthday!  I wanted to post this on my blog as not too long ago (Jan) I shot some photos of her in the studio.  You may have seen them on my blog before but these images of Jessica capture just how beautiful she is! Jess also has had some hand in the studio decorating. About a month ago she helped (okay...she probably did more than help...She can do it all!) clean out our storage room and created a New Dressing Room! If you haven't seen it yet be sure to check it out next time you stop by the studio. She rocked it! Jessica...Everyone says your 30's are supposed to be your best...You let me know how it goes for you and I will be following you shortly!  Happy Birthday Girl!  Let's celebrate!