Now I Lay me Down to Sleep Foundation...

As I am sure many of you keep seeing my America's Cutest Kid contestants I wonder how many of you really grasp what the charity is that this benefits? I know some of my kids that I have entered have either been in the NICU or know someone who has.  It was today that I received two emails that were originally sent to Kim Anastassatos (mom of the Welker Girls).  I just entered the girls and Kim sent out an email to her friends and family members on how to vote.  Two emails were sent to her that I have asked to share: 1st email:

Kim, the girl's are can anyone just vote for 1?  I can't believe the contest is for the "Now I lay Me Down to Sleep Foundation..." because last year my cousin lost her baby boy after 90 minutes of life due to Trisomy 18.  Her photographer is also part of that foundation and she met us at the hospital and took the most beautiful pictures for this same foundation.  Very Cool, it was an amazing blessing to look back and have those 90 minutes captured!!! -Wendi

2nd Email:

I am sitting here at my computer BAWLING - I wish we would have had professional pictures of our Christopher. Our digital camera just doesn't do him justice. The pictures of your girls are amazing (of course)! -Sara

(just a note on Sara...She had her son die at 7 months pregnant so has experienced this)

My heart broke when I read both of these emails.  It was a good reminder why I decided to join this contest. The Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep Foundation is a wonderful gift photographers are able to give. I want to thank Kim and her friends for sharing this information. I also want to thank everyone who has been voting! Every dollar you contribute is going to a beautiful cause!

To learn more about this organization you can go to!

To continue to vote visit and click on Portland.  My kids (entries) so far are the following:

Ethan Apostol Ella Davison Ellie Cross Aidan Colvin Alyssa Colvin Anika Johnson Gavin Kelly Keeley McCord Myles McCord Demi Reynolds Addison Welker Kenedi Welker Whitney Welker

As of a few minutes ago 4 of my kids are currently in the top 10 for Portland. I am also uploading a few more entries so stay tuned!