Reno-Sushi Teri

I have made it to Reno and of course I have to hit my favorite places while I am in town. I have a couple boutique stores that I LOVE to visit such as Lodo Loft.  Today I found a new gem that I am so excited about. Red Chair. It is a unique boutique that has a style that is new, funky and mid-century modern.  The owner, Aaryn Walker, is fabulous and is going to let me borrow a few furniture items for some shoots this weekend. I could not be more excited!  If you are in Reno take some time to check out her store! Here is the store info:

Red Chair 6135 Lakeside Drive #135 Reno, NV 89511

I will post images of her awesome furniture soon so keep an eye out.

After we visit all my favorite boutiques....we start hitting my favorite places to eat. First (and usually a few more times than just once) is my favorite Sushi place.  It's named after my mom (Teri)....Okay not really...but it helps add to its appeal.  It is the most hole in the wall place but is the best Sushi. The Lilly Roll is my favorite. The wonderful guys who work there make me whatever I want. They know "Miss Picky" has arrived when I come but they handle it with flying colors and make me smile. Hugo knows my family and knows that I must make a couple trips to visit Sushi Teri when I am in town. I thank them all for making me delicious Sushi!  Here is a couple shots from Sushi Teri...Including one of Hugo!  Thanks for letting me post your photo Hugo!