La Jolla

While at WPPI a lot of speakers were talking about having personal projects. I have never really taken the time to have personal projects. I would like to say I am just too busy for them but that would be a lie. You make time for them. So before I returned home from WPPI I stayed in San Diego for a few days. My friend Genny and I decided to take a day to shoot and to make it themed. Our theme for the day was seeing red. We drove into town and tried to find anything that was red. I will post some of those photos soon. As we were on this mission of seeing red we had the opprotunity to meet some wonderful people in La Jolla. We first met John from Gallerie D'Art. He was taking a break from his Art Gallery to walk his dog. He stopped and visited with us for quite a while and let us take photos of both him and his dog (thanks John). We promised to visit his gallery before we left and continued to walk up the street. We dont get very far and we come across the local chess club! Well not really...but we met a few guys who play chess in front of starbucks on a regular basis. Here they were with their own little table and chess set up...smoking cigars and attracting quite the crowd. It was a picture waiting to happen. Not only was I intrigued by the chess playing but most of these men were also musicians. One in particular, Johnny, was a violinist and had his violin with him. So I snagged him to shoot a couple of shots. Thank you to all of you who let me take photos! We continued on our journey to stop by the Art Gallery to say goodbye to John and we met his fellow worker Jonathan (yes, lots of Johns!) who is a magician and wanted a few photos of him with his cards! I was estatic! Thanks to Jonathan! If you want to take a peak at all the photos please visit our website, click on previews and they are under La Jolla!