Mommy Workshops at Bliss...

I have been teaching Mommy Workshops this summer and really been enjoying them!  Its fun for me to give back to my moms/clients and help them get better photos of their kids. I have done a lot of teaching over the years to pro photographers and really felt I wanted to step back and teach those who just want a little help with their own kids. Getting the best possible out of their cameras and also lighting and posing tips. Photographing your own children is hard (trust me I know!) but with a little proper lighting and training you can still get images you will be proud of.  And then when you need some pro pics...You know where to find me :) Mommy Workshops (or Daddy!) are a two hour one on one session with me. You provide the model (if you child is also need to bring a helper), bring your gear and I will cater the class to your needs and your abilities. I have had lots of positive feedback on these classes and have even had mom's come a 2nd time. If you would like more information please let me know! Summer time is a great time to take advantage of these!

When teaching I try and snag a couple photos too...Its good when comparing the differences but also its great for me....cause there is no way I am letting cuties out of my studio without at least one shot! I seriously can't help myself!

Thanks to my last two mom's for coming to visit and for letting me snag/post a couple shots of your cuties! I Love my job!


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