Bliss Studio Photo Cafe

Some of you may have seen the facebook posts or even chatted with me about it. But if not I wanted to share with my blog readers what this whole Photo Cafe is all about... I was sitting at home last night chatting with one of my best friends. "How do I print my photos from my iphone/ipad," she asks.  This really reminded me EXACTLY why Dan and I cooked up this hair brained idea of creating a Photo Cafe. A social environment where you can come work on your photos. Whether it be retouching, organizing, printing or even scrapbooking. A place where the equipment you need will be at your fingertips and knowledgeable staff will be there to help out as needed.  Or if you are not quite ready for the do-it-yourself stage we will offer one on one classes where you can get the information you need. How many of you are not sure what to do with your photos? How many of you take thousands of photos say on your iPhone and rarely if at all print any?  I know there are some of you who are light years ahead and dont need any help. But I also know there are many of you who would not only appreciate a little help but would love the social environment.


One of the focal points of this Cafe will be Project Life. If you have not heard about Project Life...It is a great new modern way to scrapbook. I am from the lets call it "old school" scrapping times where we had Creative Memories scrapbooks. At least I had them and most of my friends as well.  We would have get togethers where we would spend hours scrapbooking.  These days...who has a full day they can set aside for that? I mean seriously? Im lucky if I have a free 20 minutes!  Being a mom has certainly impacted my life and my choices.  It has in the same breath made me realize that I can not let these moments pass by without documenting them. Project Life allows you to get those memories in a book quickly and painlessly. It is not necessary to glue and go completely nuts adorning your page. Its about the photos. Its about what matters. You can make it as complicated as you want...Or you can just slip your images in and be done. Its about making it work for you and how you chose to document your life. I am working on my 2013 album which I have chosen to do each week. It might sound crazy but every Sunday I sit down and print out my photos from the week. Between my husband and I and our awesome iphones we always seem to have more than enough for a spread. Here is a few sample pages from my family album...

At Bliss we will be carrying the Project Life line of goodies including, binders, pages, filler cards and Washi tape. The new line is fabulous and I am excited to be offering it!  Our pre-grand opening will be centered around Project Life and will be June 29th from 6-9pm.  It is an invite only event so please let me know if you are interested in attending. While the event is free we will have supplies ready for purchase if you are ready to jump on board.  We will also be able to help you print or get your photos off of your mobile devices if you need assistance. Please email me for more information or any more questions you might have about Project Life or our pre-grand opening Happy Hour! If you want to see a sneak peek of the new line of product and a few more layouts you can visit my "mommy blog" by clicking HERE!



This little idea/concept goes all the way back to the day of Internet Cafe's. Do you remember those? Many of us did not have wifi or even internet at that time so we would visit these cafe's and borrow theirs. So why not turn that into something that makes sense for modern times. We will have open studio days/times (starting out we will be open Thursdays & Saturdays 10-5 and hope to expand this soon) where you can come in and use our MAC computer stations, wifi and work tables to work on any projects you might have.  We will have a staff member of Bliss here to help as needed. There will be an on site printer should you need to print out any of your work. Open Studio will have a $10.00 per hour studio fee and will be a great time to come with a friend and make it a social event or just get out of your house and have a perfect environment that will help inspire your creativity.  Please keep an eye on our website for hours and days we are open for "OPEN STUDIO".  After our grand opening mid July we will be open every Thursday and Saturday  if we get high demand for other days we will open up more. You can also book your computer station ahead of time if you want to make sure it is free. Computers will be on a first come first serve basis and can be reserved the day of.


One on One Classes:

We will be offering an array of one on one's where you can come in and get help. No question/problem to simple. If you just need help getting your photos off your phone we can assist. Or if you want to work on some retouching or design work we can help you on that as well.  All classes are not intended for professional photographers or anyone trying to become a pro photographer. This is just for my fellow mom's, dad's and friends who need a little extra help.  Keep an eye on our website for a list of available classes.  If you have a special request please do not hesitate to check with us.


Happy Hours:

I am excited for some happy hours at Bliss! Who doesnt enjoy a good happy hour right?  We will have special times set aside for Happy Hour where you can come in and work on Project Life or a specific project we have planned for you.  This will be more Mini-Classes or time set aside for a group as well.  Planning a party or get together with the besties? How about a Happy Hour at Bliss Photo Cafe?  You can book a time to come with just you and your friends to work on your project of choice. Prices will be listed on our website.


AlA Carte Goodies:

Our studio will now be fully stocked with all kinds of fabulous goodies. We will have boutique handmade gift items in our front room for sale as well as the Project Life line and other photo related items such as frames, wall art, USB's, DVD's, printing etc. We will have a menu of options/prices available when you come visit.


Last thoughts-

Our website is going to be getting a bit of a facelift as we add all this information to it so please hang in there with us.  Our grand opening will be July 14th from 1-5pm. So if you are excited about anything we are offering be sure to stop in that day and take a peek. Or do not hesitate to call or write. I am happy to answer any questions you might have. We are super excited about adding this new adventure to Bliss and I hope to see many of you take advantage of the fabulous space we have created!

~Whitney (and Crew)