Baby Cody's Birth

There are a few times in my career that I have had the honor of being part of a miracle. Being able to photograph a birth of a baby. You might read that and think that is not very glamorous. But honestly if it is done right...It is quite the experience that I would not take back for a minute. It makes me so happy to be there and be able to capture these moments for the parents. Its not everyday this happens. But when it does...It solidifies everything that I do and reminds me just how special my job can be.  I really do mean that.  It was not too many years ago that I photographed Cody's big brother being born. So there was no way I was missing this opportunity! Ill admit the first time I "almost" passed out...and yes it was a bit of the family joke this round.  But I held it together like a pro this time. I am sure knowing what to expect helped both from being in the room many times since then as well as having my own baby.  This time I truly took in the moment and loved it. I even got a little one on one time with Cody and helped get him all dressed. It was a sweet moment. And just like his big brother I will always remind him...I was there the minute he was born! Thank you to the Burnes family for letting me be there and be a part of this special time for you. It really meant a lot to me and I am honored I was a part of it. I hope you enjoy all the images! It just makes that day even more memorable! Hugs to all of you! ~Whitney