Network Live~ Band Photos

A fun out of the box session for Bliss. This is actually our 2nd time we have had the opportunity to photograph this band. What a great group of Guys. It was an evening of laughter for me...and maybe a little torture for them! Hey wait...Im not that bad! LOL.  But seriously. Dan usually handles all the commercial shoots for the studio but I like to "Tag" along and give my opinions.  Besides a group of guys need me to tease them so we can get good shots right?  Dan did most of the shooting. But I am not very good at "taking a backseat" or "assisting" ha I think I may have stole the camera a few times.  I have a fashion light in the studio that Dan made that we call Bliss Light 2.0 (second version of this light).  Its similar to a ring light but it allows me to use the light in my way of NO strobes.  I love seeing light and making it work for me. This was the vision I had for some killer band shots. Thanks to Mark and his band mates for trusting us to create some shots for you guys!  And if anyone is looking for a band...I can put you in touch with Network Live!