Real life with Sawyer

You may have seen my first post with little Zane a few posts back where I wrote about having a couple of in home real life sessions this month.  Little Sawyer was my second session (keep your eye out for the 3rd one soon). I cant even put into words how happy these sessions make me and I can not wait to have them be a part of Bliss from here on out. It started out as a personal project for me to try something new and to see how it went. Well with two down now I am in love. There is such a different feeling to these photos. There is not necessarily one that I can pick out as my favorite from the session. Instead there are MANY that I love and each of them tell a little piece of the story of Sawyer.  22 month old Sawyer was such a surprise to me. When I first arrived at the house I think she was afraid mommy was going to leave her with me so she was not thrilled. But by the end of the session I am pretty sure I had a new best friend. She kept asking for more photos and more video...So I would say okay....go do "X" and she would go do whatever I said and then run back over and sit next to me. It was ADORABLE. I can not remember the last time I had that cooperative of an almost two year old. I was in heaven! I am very happy with the images I was able to capture and am excited to make a sample album for the studio.  If you missed Zane's post be sure to scroll through the blog a bit until you see his. And in the next week or two at most I will have my 3rd and final in home session for this month posted so keep an eye on the blog. If you are interested in this type of session I promise you it is totally worth it! Im hoping my mom's will agree! Here are just a very small portion of my favorites....And of course a huge hug and a thank you to Sawyer and her mommy for welcoming me into your home and letting me capture a bit of Sawyer's everyday life! It was a perfect day!